Travel Plans: EuroTrip 2018

Photo by Thomas Dawson

I can’t believe it’s actually happening – but I’m finally leaving the country for the first time. Yes! I’m traveling outside of the U.S. and I’m so, so, so excited! About time, I know. My Pinterest “travel” board makes me seem well-traveled but it’s all just wanderlust. And my forever wish of traveling to Europe is coming true – to Italy and Greece I go! Literally, I do a little scream inside every time I think about it.

This idea and plans for this trip kind of just fell together. A few of my friends and I realized we had a mutual desire to visit Greece – and given the affordability of doing so – we decided we’d plan a trip in early June to kick off the summer, without missing too much of the season in Chicago. So abgroup of 6 of us decided we’d make it happen, and thought why not make a pit stop in Italy for a few days first, ya know, since we’ll be so close, right? Only makes sense! (LOL)

These two destinations have literally been at the top of my list and I feel like everyone and their mother has visited them recently and can’t say enough great things. While we just have our “big” flight – to Europe and back – booked right now, we’re planning out the smaller flights and deciding on specific destinations this weekend. I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about international travel, but I do read enough blogs and articles to know a a few of the places I certainly want to go.

For those  familiar with the areas, we’ll be flying into Rome and staying for about 3 days, including a visit to the Amalfi Coast, then hoping on a flight to Athens, where we hope to hop around to a few islands – Santorini, etc. If you’ve visited, I’m selfishly asking for any and all recommendations and suggestions of what you loved and what you’d pass on if you went again.

Having this be such a big first, although I’m so grateful it’s happening, I’m equally excited and anxious. I can’t really wrap my head around everything that needs to me done first – How much cash do I need? Don’t I need an outlet adapter? How does Wi-fi work? How on earth will I decide which outfits to bring?! It’s going to be a journey just to get prepared, I’m afraid. So far, here’s where my head’s at:

Things I’m most looking forward to on this trip:

  • Eating, everything
  • Having my favorite salad, a greek salad, in Greece
  • Trying real homemade pasta in Italy
  • All of the wine
  • The architecture
  • Staying in quaint Airbnbs
  • Taking beautiful photos – Should I bring a real camera?
  • The beaches
  • Boat rides
  • Men with accents
  • The stunning white architecture in Greece
  • Stairs, strangely – I know there will be a lot of them but maybe it’s because I’m from the flat midwest that I’m actually excited about it
  • The seafood
  • The sun
  • Experiencing another culture and way of life
  • A shift in perspective

Things that I’m nervous about:

  • Not understanding the currency, nor the equivalency to the U.S. dollar (math was my weak subject)
  • Losing something necessary
  • Packing, overpacking
  • Language barriers
  • Connecting flights
  • Quality of my iPhone photos (LOL, really tho)
  • All the problems I have with pain in my feet, and no, I don’t wanna wear my ASICS
  • Not being able to sleep on the flights
  • Not being able to sleep at all so far from home
  • Trying to fit too much in and being exhausted
  • Jetlag
  • Anything else that could go wrong

I’ve been researching as much as I can from those who have been there. Some of the travel guides and itineraries from my favorite bloggers I’ve been following are:

Given that this is my first trip to Europe – and out of the country – I would love to hear any and all advice  and recommendations on international travel! And as I mentioned above, if you’ve been there – please share your recommendations! Until then I’ll be patiently waiting for June and living through all these beautiful photos. Dare I say “ciao?” That’s the only Italian word I know, anyway.

Photo by Danielle Moss
Danielle Moss
Thomas Dawson
Thomas Dawson
Image via The Everygirl
The Everygirl
Thomas Dawson
The Everygirl
Thomas Dawson


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    YAY! This is amazing because my fiancé and I just decided yesterday we are going to Italy in the fall. I have never been, so I can’t wait to hear your recommendations. my one suggestion, though, is that you wear comfortable shoes. I was shocked by the amount of women in paris wearing tennis shoes with these amazing outfits. I completely regretted my shoe choice because we walked 60 miles in the course of four days. not sure about Italy, but tennis shoes are a must in London and paris.